The Copper Tape

The Green Tape


Mahcus - drums, percussion 
Zack B - organ, piano, clavinet, rhodes
JBo - bass, guitar, melodica
Jay - dubwise engineer, mix

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Music ADD Records


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Deconstructed rhythms. Mutating melodies. Stark grooves. These are the hallmarks of dub, as invented by engineers like King Tubby and Lee "Scratch" Perry in the early 1970's. Since the advent of digital technology, however, the art of achieving these qualities through live fader pushing and knob tweaking has largely been lost to the convenience of automation and programmed perfection.

Enter the Flying Vipers, armed with antiquated instruments, an archaic tape recorder, and a dangerous combination of strong coffee and stronger herb. Offering their own quirky twist on the tried and true formula for dub, their first two releases on Music ADD Records, The Green Tape (2015) and The Copper Tape (2016) simultaneously build on this foundation while traveling deep through time and space.

The core trio of Marc & John Beaudette (Destroy Babylon, The Macrotones) and Zack Brines (Pressure Cooker, Kings of Nuthin') have 15+ years in the New England scene, sharing the stage with legendary reggae acts from around the world.

Free MP3 download: "Dragon Snout" - Flying Vipers




"Flying Vipers' Copper Tape is most likely the best new dub release you'll hear all year."
-Stephen Shafer, Duff Guide (Apr. '17)

"Forget that 2017 just started and time travel to King Tubby and Augustus Pablo’s music era with this heavy dub."
- (Jan. '17)

"Instrumental dub in the definitive Lee 'Scratch' Perry style... Green Tape feels impeccable, so full of pot's contact high sensations, that you could get stoned."
- Jack Rabid, Big Takeover (Issue #77, Oct. '15)

Review + Interview with (Oct. '15)

"The Flying Vipers' Green Tape contains six fantastic tracks of tangibly warm, vibrant, and crisp dub instrumentals with great melodies--earworms, really-- that will move your body and elevate your mood."
-Stephen Shafer, Duff Guide (Sept. '15)

"...beautiful sax takes "Coffee Kush" to higher heights, while the mesmerizing "Tape Hiss" has great appeal due to the gentle sound of the melodica... it's obvious that it has been made with love and care."
-Reggae Vibes (Sept. '15)



The Green Tape

The Copper Tape (ADD034, 2016)

The Green Tape

The Green Tape (ADD031, 2015)